12 Days of Fit-mas

Virtual Fitness Challenge for Optimal Users
December 9 – 24, 2021

Join us for 12 days of Christmas cheer and live streaming fitness classes brought to you by LIV North staff from various projects!

The Goal:

Participate in as many of the 12 Days of Fit-mas classes as possible!  You can find the classes as a part of the Optimal by LIV North virtual schedule.  Register for and attend classes to earn points from December 9 – 24, 2021.

You can earn points for the following:

3 Points – attend a live 12 Days of Fit-Mas session

2 Points – attend any other live session

1 Point – watch any on demand video


The Prize:

At the end of the 12 days, the top 5 point earners will each win an Amazon gift card!

All classes are streamed through Optimal by LIV North.


Not on Optimal?

Optimal is offered through most of our LIV North managed fitness facilities.  If you are not on Optimal or do not belong to a LIV North managed facility, contact us at Optimal@livnorth.com and we will guide you the correct membership option for you.

We realize that these class times may not be the most ideal times for you to participate in a class and we encourage you to try your best to make as many as you can!  Even if you can only participate in a portion of the class we encourage you to still attend what you can.


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