April 5 – 30, 2021

Grab a partner and join this race from coast to coast – virtually!  Through this 4 week journey you will be asked to complete weekly challenges related to fitness, mindfulness and nutrition, with the occasional road block or speed bump thrown your way.

At the end, all teams that successfully reach the finish line will be entered into the draw for prizes.

Keep reading to explore more challenge details and to sign you and your partner up.

How the Amazing Race Challenge Works

Weekly Challenges:
  • Every Monday at 6:00 am PT the weekly challenge will be posted on our Amazing Race competitors page.
  • These challenges will all include a physical element shared between your team and must be completed and submitted before the end of the week.
  • Once your team has completed the required challenges to progress to the next pit stop, you will submit your completion form and all required documentation to receive details on your next destination.
  • Some challenges can be completed inside, some require you to head outdoors, and all are designed to help you feel great, work towards your goals and have fun!
Road Block & Detour Challenges:
  • As with any good road trip, there are always some road blocks and detours along the way.
  • Detours are time sensitive and must be completed by both team mates in order to carry on to your next leg of the race.  You will always have 2 detour challenges to select from – 1 will be nutrition based, the other will have a mindfulness element to it.
  • Road Blocks are not time sensitive and only have to be completed by 1 team mate, but it MUST be completed before you can submit any weekly tasks or detours.  If you do not complete a road block or miss a submission deadline because of one, your team will be eliminated from the challenge.  Road block tasks are all different and designed to be a fun challenge, so if you should run into one, fear not, you can do it!
  • Should your team not complete all of the weekly required challenges to reach the next pit stop, or should a road block prove too challenging, there is the potential for teams to be eliminated from the challenge.
  • Should your team be eliminated, fear not!  There are Speed Bump redemption challenges along the way that allow you to enter back into the race.  These challenges will always be physical based and have a timeline to complete.

Are you ready to join!
Register before April 5th!

Both team mates MUST be from a company within an Oxford Place building.

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