Challenge #4


Halifax, Nova Scotia


April 26-May 2, 2021

Welcome from Greg!

Watch this short video to learn a bit more about Nova Scoatia
and what your challenges could include.

Main Challenge – Discover Nova Scotia!

Your main challenge this week is a mapping distance challenge.  Using the map below that shows 2 popular tourist destinations in Nova Scotia and a program such as Google Maps, determine the distance between all of the stops.  The route you take is not important, just be sure you visit each location indicated and try to complete the distance as fast as you can.

Once you have that distance determined, both you and your partner must complete the entire distance individually before Sunday night at 10:00 pm local time.   Teams CANNOT combine their distances.

The Rules:

The distance covered MUST be completed on foot.  Treadmill use is allowed.  Bikes, ellipticals, rowing, etc., are not permitted.  You must start at one point and visit each location indicated on the map.  The distance must be covered from dedicated walks/runs that are minimum for 10 minutes or 1 Km in length and cannot include the distance you cover during your daily life (IE – daily steps captured by your wearable, etc.).

Submission Guidelines

You will use the Main Challenge Submission Form located at the bottom of this page to submit your completion of this task.  Submission MUST include the following:

   – Screenshot of the route you mapped stating the distance your team will complete.

   – Screenshots from Strava/app of your choice and/or pictures or treadmill screen for both team mates proving that both teammates covered the mapped distance.

Submissions must be received by 10:00 pm local time on the Sunday following the challenge release.  Failure to submit all required documents and cover the require distance will result in your team being eliminated.

Tracking Your Distance

To track your distance, we strongly recommend using the Strava app.  For more information on the Strava app, click the button below.

Earn an Extra Ballot

You may earn these ballots throughout the race but will only receive the ballots once your team completes the race in Halifax. The more ballots your team has at the end of the race, the higher chance of winning.

Extra ballots will be awarded for the following items:
– First 10 teams to complete the Main Challenge of each leg.
– The best submission of each roadblock of each leg
– The best submission of each detour of each leg
– The overall best effort

Remember to complete your primary task as quickly as possible, otherwise a road block may get in your way!


When you complete any task for this week, return here and submit your completion using the form below.

Main Challenge Submission

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Detour Submission
Road Block Submission

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