Events & Programs

Come join the Optimal community for some fun!

Joining in challenges and live events is a great way to stay connect in this virtual world.  It’s also a great way to stay on track and motivated towards reaching your health and wellness goals!

Below you will find details on current and upcoming events and challenges offered to our Optimal and LIV North community.

Live Streaming Classes on Optimal

Live Streaming Classes on Optimal

LIV North is proud to offer our Optimal users access to live streaming fitness and mindfulness sessions.  Session numbers and types are altered monthly to meet the needs of our users.  Click on your time zone below to view and download a schedule then head to Optimal to register and join a class.

Remember to set your Optimal preferences to you local time zone so that the class time matches up!

NOTE – for September, there will be no live classes from September 6-10.  On demand classes will be available for you to view.  We will resume live classes on September 13th.

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