Virtual Small Group Training

Personalized training with the motivation and cost sharing of a group.

Fun & Supporting Group Atmosphere

Safe, Convenient
& Affordable

Options for Equipment or No Equipment

Our virtual Small Group Training is designed in progressive, 4-week blocks in which you and up to 7 other individuals will meet twice a week to workout, connect and motivate each other through workouts that progress from session to session.

Small Group Training is fun, cost effective and keeps you motivated to reach your goals. You can select from one of our two training streams:

  • Bodyweight Only – all sessions and exercises in this group will be bodyweight only, no equipment required
  • Equipment Used – all sessions will include the use of equipment.  We recommend coming prepared with one of the following: a set of dumbbells, resistance bands, mini loops, kettlebell, etc.  Our trainer will show you how you can do the exercise with any of the equipment at your disposal.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase mobility, decrease pain or simply to live in a body that feels like you – we are here to help you on the journey.

If you would like to know more about Small Group Training, start with a free initial consultation with our Nutrien Fitness Manager.  During the session, they will collect information on goals, answer your questions about small group training, and recommend a group that will fit your needs.

Sessions are scheduled for the same days and times for 4 weeks to make scheduling easier.  Current sessions can be seen below.

Our training didn’t start when the pandemic hit!  For over 45 years LIV North trainers have been applying our proven systems to helping our on site clients feel better, move pain free and lose weight.  Our Nutrien Fitness trainers will apply those same proven principles to you and all starts with a chat!

Interested in Nutrien Fitness Small Group Training?  Book a FREE Consultation!

Before you start your journey, let’s book some time to meet and chat.  We want to make sure that we’ve answered all of your questions and get you connected with the correct group.

To book a free consultation, click below, choose your date and time and we will connect!


Small Group Training is an affordable method of receiving the expert guidance of a trained and certified trainer without the expense of facility upkeep, equipment costs, etc.

Our sessions are 45 minutes in length and are available in 4 week blocks.

Small Group Training Package

per session
($48.00 total)

To purchase and join a Small Group Training session, click on the session in the Schedule section.

Note – when registering, you are registering for the same day and time for the indicated 4 week cycle.  Substitutions and make up sessions are not permitted.

All prices are in CAD and subject to GST.

Current Available Sessions

Monday’s @ 12:05 pm MT

  • Starts February 28, 2022 for 4 consecutive weeks
  • This session includes the use of small equipment

Wednesday’s @ 2:30 pm MT

  • Starts March 2, 2022 for 4 consecutive weeks
  • This session includes the use of small equipment

Meet Our Trainers

Christine Shudra

  • MRU-Personal Fitness Trainer
  • SAIT-Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles
  • AFLCA-Older Adult & Cycle
  • Mini Band Trainer
  • First Aid & CPR/AED level C

Christine’s journey into the fitness world started when a very dear friend asked her for help in regaining her strength after having many surgeries. Christine believes she should know what she’s prescribing so she became a certified personal trainer in 2010. More questions from clients and friends about nutrition sent her back to school to become a certified nutrition coach in 2016.

Christine believes that movement, of any type, is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. She is often heard saying ‘do what you can, just keep moving’.  She is highly motivating and helps you find the inner drive to want to reach your goals, all while working within your activity level to keep you safe from injury.

Christine is always willing to talk about your fitness goals. S he can help you figure out the realistic changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle.  Her fitness and nutrition knowledge, combined with her desire to help people of all ages keep moving and fuel their bodies, leads to a positive and whole body approach to a healthy lifestyle.  Come join Christine and find out how she can help you keep moving.


Tristian Sutherland

  • Fitness & Health Promotion – Humber College
  • Group Fitness Leader – OFC
  • Resistance Coach – OFC
  • First Aid & CPR C

Hi team, my name is Tristian Sutherland and my goal is to spread positivity and motivation whenever I’m teaching and training.

I enjoy group training because it gives me a chance to meet a lot of different people that have the same goals. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in the time I’ve been a trainer.  I truely enjoy every new person I meet and class that I teach, the excitement and my love for instructing never gets old.

Let’s get out there and grind together!

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