An Economic, LIV North Branded Employee Wellness Solution

Optimal is a LIV North branded virtual fitness and wellness offering that offers live and on demand fitness, mindfulness and stretch break sessions.

Optimal is an economical option for business of all sizes.  Content is created by, and branded to, LIV North and shared with multiple organizations.  Your team will also have access to content through the Optimal desktop portal and the Optimal mobile app.


Programming for YOUR Organization

While the classes and content may be branded to LIV North, a dedicated LIV North staff will be assigned to your account and program the following items specific to your organization:

Motivational Challenges for YOUR Team Only

Motivational Challenges for YOUR Team Only

Challenges range in length from a few days to several weeks and can focus on a variety of topics such as movement, healthy living, sleep and more.

Wellness & Educational Workshops Specific to YOUR Team Needs

Wellness & Educational Workshops Specific to YOUR Team Needs

These can include nutrition, movement, mindfulness, injury prevention and other useful topics.  Your team will be able to select the topics that best suit your organizational needs.

View a Sample Optimal
Mindfulness Session

View a Sample Optimal
Fitness Session

Listen to a Sample Optimal
Guided Audio Session

Take a quick inside peak at the Optimal platform and what it has to offer your team!

On Demand Classes

LIV North offers more than 200 On Demand classes at any time.  These range from our studio produced LIV Fitness classes to our mindfulness sessions to our educations series.  These classes are available 24/7 to ensure everyone has access to the service when and where they need it.

To find out more about our LIV Fitness classes, click below.

Current Optimal Live Session Schedule

The current Optimal live session schedule is as follows:

(shown in EST, time zones are adjusted within Optimal platform and app)

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