Making personal training truly personal!

Genetics accounts for

  • 50-60% of athletic performance
  • 40-50% of aerobic fitness
  • 70% of our metabolism and body weight

One diet or exercise program does not work for everyone. What fits your body best is coded in your DNA!

While we can’t change our genes, we can optimize our lifestyle to what fits them best. We can also change the strength with which our genes express their effects. This can all be achieved through diet, exercise and natural supplements. Decoding your genetic data with OptimalRx provides you with a detailed blueprint of how your body works and a virtual consultation with an Optimal trainer to go through the report.

Armed with your personal genetic blueprint, you can work with your trainer to finally achieve the goals you’ve struggled with for years. Optimize your diet, choose a fitness program that’s both enjoyable and effective and protect your future health.

Share your OptimalRx with your personal trainer and your training to be truly personal!

The report contains individual details on:

  • Metabolism: How often you should eat and how that affects your weight.  What controls your metabolism, food cravings and hunger? What is your best diet?  Is Intermittent Fasting right for you?
  • Diet: How you respond to and handle dietary carbohydrates, fats, proteins and dairy, with the exact amount of each macronutrient you need to manage weight, balance blood sugar levels and prevent disease.
  • Exercise and Cardiovascular Health: What type of cardiovascular and resistance training is best for you with respect to oxygenation, inflammation, recovery, cardiovascular and metabolic health.
  • Stress Response: An in-depth look at the production, transportation, binding and receptor density of, cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline and CRH to determine how you respond to stress, the strength of its effect and the ability to turn off stress pathways once the stressor is resolved.


Unlike other genetic platforms which only provide interpretation of single genes, OptimalRx uses algorithms clinically developed by Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed ND. These algorithms analyze combinations of genes to provide a more detailed analysis and individualized treatment protocols. Only by considering the complex interactions between multiple genes can a truly personalized and effective profile be presented.

HOW OptimalRx WORKS:

The OptimalRx personalized report starts by having your 23andme Health test completed. Once you have received your results simply purchase your OptimalRx service package and follow the instructions that are sent to you.

Once we have received your information, the analysis will be completed on the next business day and you will be contacted to schedule a virtual meeting with an Optimal trainer to review the results, recommendations, etc. After the consultation you will be provided with a copy of your OptimalRx report for future reference or to share with your trainer.


You can view a sample of our OptimalRx report at the link below. The actual report is much more in depth, this is just a sample to know what you will be receiving.

Download OptimalRx Report (PDF Download)

As your genes do not change, OptimalRx is only needed to purchase once for lifelong wellbeing! Select the option below that best suits your current needs:

Report Only

(select this option if you already have your 23andme Health Test completed)
$100.00 + HST

+ 23andme Health Test

(select this option if you have not had a 23andme Health Test completed)
$350.00 + HST

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