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We know virtual training can be a bit strange having never met the trainers before. Our trainers have put together short bios for you to learn about them and get to know us a bit better. If you are interested in connecting with a trainer, you can either click the email icon below their bio to email them directly or book a consultation with them in your Optimal portal or app.

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Group Fitness Instructors

Carmen Puyo

Group Fitness Director & Instructor

Carmen Puyo began her fitness career over 24 years ago as a group fitness instructor.

She is currently the Group exercise manager for LIV North overseeing several corporate wellness centres in Toronto. Carmen is also a member of the academic staff at Humber College, teaching group exercise leadership and career skills.

Carmen delivers a safe, customized workout. Participants benefit from her contagious energy and passion for life. Whether spending time with Carmen one on one or in a group setting, you’ll instantly be drawn to her positive attitude and her encouragement to help her clients reach their full potential.

Carmen’s passion for fitness and training is only rivaled by her commitment to giving back to others.

Motivating, inspiring, encouraging,

karmiel lorenzo

Group Fitness Instructor

Karmiel is a Professional Group Fitness Instructor, Personal  Trainer and Fascial mobility practitioner with 6 years of experience.

Her passion is to help others live a stronger, happier and pain free lifestyle . Her approach to fitness is a combination of strength, cardio and mobility training for optimal results.

Lou Berkovitz

group fitness instructor

I discovered yoga in my mid 50’s and my life changed forever!

I have been teaching yoga for over 4 years with the intention of helping others improve their strength, stability and flexibility and mind body connection. In addition to teaching yoga I also practice the art of Thai massage and have the privilege to work closely with lululemon as a brand ambassador promoting the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

famous pullen itepu

Group Fitness Instructor

Hi, my name is Famous Pullen, and it is my passion to inspire and equip people to live a fit and beautiful life. Growing up, I have always been fascinated with the human body, with motion, with dance, but not particularly with fitness and exercise. In 2016, I learnt more about the benefits of fitness and exercise, and was intrigued by how they promote health, longevity, vitality and beauty. I thought to myself: “If this is where the magic of fitness, health and true beauty is, then let’s go change the world”. Since then, I have dedicated myself fully to the fit-life. With the knowledge, training, and experience I have gained over the years, I have achieved my personal transformation, and have helped others reach their fitness goals as well. I am always excited to be a part of anyone’s fitness story, and I hope you will be my guest. Come, let us do the magic together.

Deb Singer

group fitness instructor

Deb Singer has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. With a degree in Physical and Health Education, Drama and a teaching degree, fitness is the perfect blend.

One of Deb’s proudest achievements is that she has been a “National Trainer” for MOSSA since 1999, facilitating workshops to new instructors all over Canada. Deb is also a member of the academic staff at Humber College, teaching group exercise leadership, career skills and special event management. Deb’s greatest joy comes from watching her son play hockey and cuddling with her golden doodle Teejay. She feels privileged to help people with their fitness journeys, and feels gratitude daily, because her work is her passion and never feels like work.

maral habibi

Group Fitness Instructor

Maral grew up as a dancer but fitness played a huge role for her in her teens. Humber College graduated from Fitness & Health Promotion program. Maral is committed to energize people to move and challenge their body, mind and mood through fitness.

Maral’s goal is to get everybody moving no matter what level, experience or age. She will make you move, sweat & smile.

Zeiad Abu Khreibeh

group fitness instructor

Zeiad is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with over 6 years of experience. He specializes in strength training and HITT training and strives to help people build stronger and more confident versions of themselves.

Zeiad’s believes that with hard work and consistency you can achieve any and all of your goals.

Mindfulness Instructors

lindsay Knight

Mindfulness Instructor

Lindsay has been working in health, wellness and fitness for over 30 years and holds a B. Sc. Kinesiology from the University of Toronto. She has spent the last ten years studying and practicing yoga and mindfulness.  As an advocate for mental health and resiliency, Lindsay holds Certification in Mental Health First Aid, and Smart Talk.

In her leisure time, she enjoys trail running, cycling, reading, and yoga. She is currently enrolled in the Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Program  at the University of Toronto.

Paul Larmer

Mindfulness Instructor

When one door closes, another one opens. When
Paul Larmer received his rejection letter from medical
school, his inner voice told him, “Disease isn’t in the textbooks. Disease is in the people.
To understand disease, study people.” This opened the door to Paul’s second
education, studying how people’s thoughts and feelings affected their bodies. Paul
applies his expertise in counselling, mindfulness, personal training and massage to
understand where you are now and take you to where you want to go, with your health
and in your life. Likely the only Reverend and personal trainer you’ll ever meet, Paul is a
one-stop shop for true health – mind, body and spirit.

In addition to working for LIVNorth, Paul founded, MindBuilder Meditation Training Institute where he offers stress management, mindfulness, and meditation teacher training to free people from dysfunction and unleash the power of their own unique mind. Paul resides in Calgary where he enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife and two teenage kids.

Fitness Trainers

paul davidson


Paul is certified by Can Fit Pro as a Personal Training, Fitness Instructor Specialist, and Health and Weight Loss Coach. He has an extensive background from training competitive amateur athletes, to working professionals with nominal experience in fitness.

Paul approaches fitness as a lifelong behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. His sessions are simple, challenging and efficient with an emphasis on proper form, core strength and mobility (fundamentals of Functional Training).

Paul strives to provide his clients with an individualized experience that integrates exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life.

angelica carr


Angelica’s passion for health and wellness began in her highschool years when she decided to focus on her own wellbeing. This passion led her to pursue post secondary education in fitness and health and allow her share her knowledge with others.

Angelica currently trains at the St. Clair College HealthPlex where she works one-on-one and in groups with clients of all ages and backgrounds and has helped them achieve their lifestyle goals and develop lifelong plans! She also loves leading high energy group fitness classes such as barre style classes, spin and core!

jaclyn neumann


Jacki, is the Manager of HSBC Place Fitness Facility in Edmonton, AB. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2014 with a BSc Kinesiology.

She has grown her passion for fitness and health in the field of personal training and coaching. Strongly stands behind the benefits of exercise for physical and mental health, and encourage her clients to focus on the full rounded aspect of wellness.

When she is not in a gym you can find her getting active outdoors with camping, hiking, golfing and much more.

“Health is my passion and I cannot wait to share it with you, let’s build this strength together!”

alison flint


Alison is a CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist who has been training clients of all ages and backgrounds for over 10 years and enjoys listening to their stories and sharing their successes.

Her passion for training clients with chronic conditions stems from her family history and she believes in a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. She is lucky to have experienced a vast variety of sports and athletic pursuits including dance, gymnastics, equestrian, soccer and rugby.

With her experience in competitive sports,  she has accrued knowledge and experience in injury prevention and injury rehabilitation and strives to pass on that knowledge to her clients.

sandra corrado


Sandra Corrado, CHRL, FIS, PTS, ZIN, SBZ, is a Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, whose love of fitness began at 11 years of age, and has been leading fitness classes and personal training sessions since 2005.

Sandra’s holistic approach to fitness and wellness, includes addressing the mind, body and spirit through fitness, behaviour motivational methodologies, breathwork, mindfulness, visualization and much more.

Sandra teaches a wide variety of group exercises classes, including strength, Zumba, Strong by Zumba, yoga, pilates, cardio kickboxing, cycle, etc. As a diversion, she loves to be in nature, hike, dance (especially Latin), research, take workshops, and get involved in fun and adventurous activities.

Mathew Cassidy


Mat is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer as well as the General Manager of the St. Clair College HealthPlex.  Having spent over 18 years in the fitness and health world he has helped people train for everyone from losing weight to military personnel preparing for deployment.  

Having a large family with children of all different ages, Mat knows how hard finding balance and time for yourself can be.  Mat tries to take a holistic approach to all sessions and combines fitness, nutrition and general lifestyle coaching to make the most of your time and maximize your results!

Kylie McComish


Kylie currently works under the title of Injury Prevention Specialist at Honda of Canada Manufacturing. Her primary role is to facilitate injured associates’ functional strengthening programs so they can return to work safely post injury. She is also responsible for organizing and delivering Honda’s New Hire Conditioning program. All new Honda associates attend six functional conditioning sessions during their first two weeks on the job. Kylie graduated from Georgian College’s Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assisting program in 2014 and spent her first five years in the workforce as a PTA in a Convalescent Care Unit in Muskoka, Ontario. She loves working with clients who are new to fitness or are dealing with limitations so that she can help them develop a healthy relationship with exercise and movement. In her spare time Kylie loves to be outside with friends, family, and her dog.

Michele Merrell

Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Michele has been working as a fitness professional in downtown Calgary corporate facilities for 25 years. She is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist and Precision Nutrition certified coach. Michele helps busy people form healthy habits so they can lose weight, build strength and have more energy.

She promotes progress over perfection and believes that showing up consistently will get you where you want to go. She especially enjoys helping ‘newbies’ discover the joy of regular physical activity and watch them reap the benefits.

Michele is a native Calgarian and avid traveler. She loves to experience new places, eat delicious food and meet new people. Her recreational pursuits include downhill skiing, cycling, hiking and stand up paddle boarding when visiting warmer climates.

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